Welcome to Creampie Ebony! I am better known as the guy from Amateur Creampies and I have been shooting creampies for almost five years now but I noticed sistas were to getting their fair share of the cream- pie so I decided to get this site started with the help of my my gangbang brothers (guys from westcoastgangbangs.com) and now officially the "creampie squad" to help spread internal cumshots into beautiful black girls . More...

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This Week's Premiere

Name: Taylor Age: 20 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

The Story: E Taylor is a petite, 20 year old girl from Las Vegas that Tony contacted to see if she was interested in modeling a while back. He didn’t think she would take him up on his offer especially since he made the mistake of telling her the name of the website and her probably seeing what it was. But I guess either Tony got lucky on this one or Taylor was looking to have some white cum pumped into her because she finally emailed him back and asked him if he was still interested in having her model for him. On the plus side, since she already knew about the website, Tony wouldn’t have to talk her into it like he usually does.

Taylor drove down to LA on a Friday when she normally doesn’t have classes; the traffic held... More

Kim Brown
Jessica Dawn
Amber Stars
Aja Cummings
Michelle Malone
Kendra Lee

Name: Essence

Essence is a local 19 year old who contacted me about arranging something with Tony. She said she stumble across the site and it got her curious about what it would be like to have sex with a white guy. Since she wasn’t sure she would do it more than one time in her life, she said she wanted to have it taped so she could save it on her laptop and replay it whenever she wanted. She also mentioned that she like that Tony would do her bareback because she... more

Name: Porsha Carrera

Porsha met Tony about 2 years ago when she had given a ride to her friend who appeared on the site. Her friend told her how much fun she had had doing something that was taboo in their social circles; having sex with a white guy. Once the footage went up on the website, the girls took a look and Porsha decided that if she ever broke up with her boyfriend, she would do it too. Well, Porsha caught her boyfriend cheating on her over Thanksgiving and... more

Name: Ebony Star

Ebony had contacted us a couple months ago and was curious to find out about the website. She loved the name, creampieebony.com and thought that she should be on the site since her name is in the title. She also used to know one of the girls on the site and was at first shocked to see her friend on the site, but later decided that it was hot and would love to do it too, so she emailed us totally on a whim, and didn't expect a response back. But when we got a look at her amazingly hot and round ass, we responded like within 10 minutes of getting her message. Ebony has. more

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