Amber is a friend of Farrah, a girl who recently appeared on As it turns out, Amber happened to walk in on Farrah one day after she got home from school and saw that Farrah was looking at her pics on the other website. She asked Farrah about it and Farrah confessed she had appeared on our site. Amber at first was a little bit shocked but then became very curious and was asking her alot of questions. Amber later went online herself and checked out the site and then found as a link and decided she wanted to do it too, but didn't tell Farrah. She thought Farrah might get upset so she contacted us herself and we immediately invited Amber to be a creampieebony girl. She said she has been very open about sex ever since she met her first boyfriend in high school. She is still going to school and is Farrah's roomate and they always talked about sex but Amber ...



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