Jordan is starting up her own website at the end of this year and has been modeling for over a year now. She has always loved interracial sex, especially black girls with white guys. She had seen creampieebony several times before because some of her friends appear on the site. She emailed us asking if we would shoot her first interracial creampie with a white guy, and we told her that's why we are here! She may want to do something like this for her own website later but wanted to try her first time on camera with us. Jordan is 24 years old and has always been sexually adventuresome and open-minded, since she can remember. She dated alot in high school because she could never set her mind on one guy for too long. She likes variety. She has never dated a white guy before but always fantasized about interracial sex and also loves creampies. We hope to see her again after her website gets going, to maybe help her build up some of her own interracial creampie material.



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