Michelle found out about the website through a friend of her's in Florida who has been a fan of the site for about a year. She has done some nude modeling before and has always been interested in doing something more wild on camera. Her friend told her she should email us to ask if she could be on the site. She said she didn't really expect an answer but was surprised when we got right back to her and told her YES. She has always been very open-minded and loves to try new things. She loves the idea of interracial creampies and was very excited that we wanted her to come and film with us. She admitted that she is a very sexual girl and loves to be nude in front of a camera and likes the idea of having guys watching her sex scene online. She asked us if she could have a personal copy of the video also since she wants to watch it as soon as she can. She was excited to tell her friend in Florida how much fun she had and that we invited her to come back and do it again !!!


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